Free Stuff from emagineGreen for OCTOBER!!!

           Most everytime we go to the retail grocery stores we always see the reusable store shopping bags.  They are usually attractively priced at one or two dollars and look pretty sturdy.  But, how many of those bags do you own? Do you make it to the store with them everytime you go out to shop?

           If you are a bag diva, like myself, you want something compact, that fits in your pruse so you CAN remember to bring them everytime you shop.  Besides, I just don’t shop at one store.  Since the recession began, we all have been forced to use coupons and use sales papers to find bargains.  Do you really want to bring a 99 Cent Only reusable bag to Whole Foods Market or vice versa?  To me, its like wearing an 80’s prom dress to a black tie event!

           So, the question is, “Are your reuseable shopping bags making a statement about YOU?”  Does it fit your fashion styel while being protable, yet durable?  Here are some of the solutions we have found at EmagineGreen (and is the OCTOBER GIVEAWAY PRODUCT)!!!  Yes, ladies and gents, on Halloween Night I will draw one of your names for either one of the Elemental Totes, Retro Totes, or Metro Totes!

How do you enter?  There are several ways!

1)     Comment on this post and answer the following questions (1 entry):

         Do you own reusable bags? 

         Do you use them everytime you go to the store?

         How do you recycle or reuse plastic grocery bags?

         Would you be interested in learning more on how to be more green at your home or business in a home/business Eco-party or Online Eco-Party?

2)     Follow me on Twitter @nicoleisgreen (1 entry)

3)     Retweet:  RT: Fashionable resuable shopping bag giveaway @ #fashionshoppingtotes

         That’s 1 entry per Retweet

4)     Book an Ec0 Party with me in the month of October at your home, business or online (requrements:  at least 3 attendees with at least $150 in retails sales at your party) Not only will you get FIVE ENTRIES, you will also receive a travel sized Body Gel and a Heart Shapped Loofah for FREE!)




Up for a Quick Eco-Survey!!!

EmagineGreen is coming out with a new line of personal products that are healthy for you like it is the environment.  Right now we are having a contest to see who can get the most surveys done.  So, if you complete the four to five question survey, I will put your name in for a drawing for a bottle of our rejuvenating shower gel or our hand + body lotion.  They come in either Tangerine Coriander or Geranium Rose w/ Lemon!  Check them out at !  Go to “shop”!

As with everything else that I do, the information stays with me and is never sold or given to a third party.  Our company is more interested in interest in the product.  I, of course, think it’s a great time to give away something for free!

Here are the questions:

1)     Do you currently wear fragrances daily?

2)     Do you wear perfume, lotions, or body sprays?

3)     Are non-toxic ingredients important to you?

4)     How Eco-friendly is your household on a scale from 1 (not at all) to 10 (extremely)?


5)     Do you use lotions and shampoos on your child with fragrances?

If you are interested in learning more about what’s in your personal care products or how you can make your home more eco-friendly, email me at or indicate that on your comment below!

Good Luck!  The drawing will be held on September 30th!