Thank you to all of you following this blog…

I would really like to take this opportunity to say “Thank You” to all of you who have been commenting on my blog and reading.  This is my first blog and I am blown away by some of the comments that I’ve gotten on it.  I know that there are people out there who are greener than my family and I.  I love the advice that I’ve been getting as well as being able to share with many of you who haven’t begun your “green” journey yet.  It has been a privilege.

With that being said, this week hasn’t been very much fun.  I’ve been sick for over a week now.  I probably forgot to mention that I’m really really stubborn.  I just went to the doctor yesterday and the doctor was threatening to put me in the hospital.  It reminded me of how busy we get as mothers, wives, WAHMs, SAHMs, sisters, daughters… We are always moving.  We don’t have the time to slow down because there are people WE need to take care of.  Like I didn’t have the time to take a whole HOUR to go down to the doctor’s office and for her to take care of me.  I’m glad that I went to see her.  I had exactly what I thought I had and after two antibiotic pills, I have a bit more energy today.  I’m not going to push it for another couple of days.

Today, I’m going to water my seedlings and sort through some of the trash that was thrown away in my absence as “garbage monitor”.  Of course, the baby doesn’t contribute to throwing things in the garbage, but I haven’t got my fiance trained on what goes in the garbage and what doesn’t.  It does no good to yell about it.  I just hope ONE DAY, he will act on my example and follow suit.  I feel the same way about church.  If me and the kidlet go each Sunday that maybe he’ll eventually figure out he needs to go with us. 

Are you going grocery shopping today?  Going to the store for anything?  Skip the plastic bags.  Check out the Elemental Tote set from emagineGreen!

elemental_totes1In the Elemental Tote Pouch you get five reusable, not to mention FASHIONABLE totes.  I’ve been told by several grocery sackers that they prefer bags like these because they can fit more groceries in them.  Not to mention, when was the last time that you could put a plastic bag all the way up your arm and onto your shoulder for an easier carry?  They are made out of great material and I usually have the pouch in my purse everytime I go out.  The totes fold very nicely right back into their pouch!  Check them out today!


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