Finally, the planting begins!

After this weekend, I finally got my potting soil and am ready to begin starting my seeds.  So basically this means I have a little over a week to finalize what containers will go to which plant.  I would find some of the hardest plants to do in pots, but I’m up for the challenge of making it work.  We’ll see how well I’m doing.  I still haven’t found my old camera.  I’m beginning to guess that it may be in our 5th wheel RV thats in storage right now.  I’ll have pictures up shortly.

I’m still adding to my small compost bin for fertilizer when I move the plants to bigger containers.  I’m growing Roma Tomatoes, Eggplants, Squash, Chives, Oregano, and Parsley.  If this all goes well this week, I may go back and get more things to plant.  I have accumulated a few more milk jugs to plant in.  I realize that I’ll need the bigger containers for the tomatoes, eggplant and squash.  They have those for 99 cents at the 99 cent only store and I’ll get those next week.

I’m beginning to get my recycleables ready for pick up on Friday.  Why am I getting it together now?  Because this chick knows that things get busy during the week and I really don’t want to wait to the last minute and contribute to the stress that I already put on myself.  With that being said, here are my accomplishments since the last time that I blogged:

1)            I have only managed to use ONE plastic bag from the store.  The only reason I did this was because I forgot my purse in the car and my Elemental Tote Reusable Bags were in my purse.  I won’t forget the next time. 

2)            I’ve only spent around $8 on my little planter garden.  I had to purchase my seeds and my potting soil.  Other than the $8, I haven’t spent anything else!

3)            I’ve cut my dishwasher back to just washing dishes and not drying them.  We need to save money on energy!

4)            I’ve been like a vampire slayer!  I’ve been unplugging most everything that we aren’t currently using such as:  Coffee Pot, Electric Can Opener, Space Heater, Computer (instead of sleep mode), phone chargers, ect.  I just walked through the house and looked at the plug ins.

5)            I’m trying to get a carpool together for my mom’s day out groups.  This way we won’t be driving so many vehicles to get our get togethers!


So, what have you been doing this week to lessen your carbon footprint (Saving you money too!)???


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  1. Jen said,

    March 16, 2009 at 9:29 pm

    I did the dishwasher thing this week too!!! 🙂 I’m planning on calling the Jefferson Parish RTA to check out the bus schedules into NOLA so I can possibly save on some gas $$ and emissions. (And, heck, maybe time since it takes me an hour to get to my parking space and walk the blocks I have to walk back to work… If ONE of us could ride the bus IN to work a day, that’d save us 30-40 miles a day since we only have one car. Also, we are having this EarthFest thing at Audubon Zoo in the beginning of April so I’m thinking about bringing the kiddos if we are off work. I would really love to plant some veggies. I think I’m going to use you as inspiration and do it! Great Post!

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