The One Bag Challenge!

Did you know that 149 households that compost keep 218,136 lbs of food scraps out of landfills annually? (Imagine what their garden or their flowers look like… 🙂 ) Did you also know that there are some retailers that are charging their customers at the register for the plastic bags that they use? It cost money to make those plastic bags and they are passing that cost on to you, the consumer!

I’m sure many of you have gone into Wal-Mart or maybe even The Dollar Tree and see that they are selling reusable bags to keep people from using the plastic bags that litter our landfills. The stores would love for you to use your own bags so that they can reduce the amount the company spends each year.

Truly there are small things we can do every day that can make a difference in our environment. I know some areas like my hometown that the papermill is the main employer. If you use paper bags, reuse them or recycle them. Instead of grabbing a papertowel every time you spill something or need cleaning, pick up a rag or towel that can be reused. I know that our family makes it into a game. We see how much money we can save a month by using products that can be resued instead of things like paper towels or plastic water bottles.

I challenge you to see if you can lessen your garbage to a bag or less a week. Believe it or not, it can even be done with a large household. Try it, see how well you do the upcoming week!

Thanks for joining me on the blog. Please post any ideas that you have for reusing items. I love to see how creative people get.


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