A Leap Forward…

Many of you know that my main form of income is direct sales.  I was working as a consultant for a great company called Learning is an Art that ceased it’s direct sales operate at the end of February and now only sell products through their E-commerce website http://nicole.learningisanart.com .  They were gracious enough to let me stay on as an affiliate to help sell their remaining inventory.  For your information, Learning is an Art is a company that has games, toys, and DVD’s that help individuals with Math, Reading, Social Studies, and Science.  With this company, I have been able to help several children with their core school subjects.  Not only did I help children, but I was even able to help a couple get their citizenship through our games about the government so they could pass their knowledge exam.

Direct salles has been very rewarding for me.  That’s the reason that after Learning is an Art made their decision, I decided to stay in direct sales.  I love the freedom that I have over my own work.  I decide what form of advertising that I find best.  I can sell to whomever I want without a manager looking over my shoulder preaching to me about policies and procedures.  I’m able to do fundraisers for schools, churches, and charity organizations whenever I choose to.  It’s a lovely feeling to have control over the work that you do.

That being said, yesterday I was officially entered into the system at emagineGreen as a new Green Coach.  emagineGreen is a newer company located in Scottsdale, AZ.  Their goal is simple:  To take thoughts of being ‘green’ and turning them into positive action.  I’ve always been one of those people that has needed motivation to try something new.  I have all the good intentions in the world, but until I put them into action they will continue to just be thoughts.  emagineGreen has many different products that can be used in and out of the home that helps individuals use less plastic bags and disposable bottles.  It has a variety of products that show how you can reuse the things in your home that you really do consider junk.  One of our products is a picture frame made out of a bike chain.  Our products “Inspire”!

My Green Moment of the Day:

My wedding is a little over a month away.  I STILL have not purchased my wedding dress.  I have NOTHING to wear yet.  It is partly due to the fact we’ve been trying to pay off bills with an ailing job market, but another reason is that I’ve gotten “picky”.  Yes, I’ve been married before and that wedding dress hangs in the closet at my Mom’s house taking up space.  I don’t want another dress that I can only where ONE time.  What do I want?  Well, I want something that I can wear again.  I want something that i can throw on different jewelry, add embellishments, or throw on a colored wrap and make a completely new dress out of it for ANY formal occasion.

I’m sure some of you will think, “Why not wear your old wedding dress?”  Don’t worry, it’s not because of connection of my ex-husband.  I would wear the dress again if I were still a size six, but I still have much of the post baby belly and it’s not coming off quick enough.  I’ve decided that I am going to sell my previous wedding dress on Ebay.  I’ll let some other lucky bride buy it for a steal.  I’ll take that money to buy a new dress that I feel that I can re-use later on for the company Christmas parties.  If you are preparing for a FIRST wedding, do you still have prom dresses in your closet at home that you completely forgot about?  Sell them!!! If you don’t have a sentimental attachment to them, SELL THEM!  Save money on your NEW wedding/formal party dress!

When I finish putting the details on the rest of the wedding that isn’t covered under our wedding package w/The Las Vegas Wedding Company, I’ll let you know!


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